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The first paperless platform for digital Public Administration recruiting.

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Concorsi Smart optimizes the entire selection process

by rationalizing procedural and organizational aspects both for the Bodies and the participants in the selective tests and eliminating management risks.

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Exam creation

  • Exam data entry: requirements, skills, type of contract, elements that characterize the exam
  • Highly selective procedure for identifying applications consistent with the required profile
  • Convocation and appointment of the examining commission
  • Automatic creation of the announcement
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Receipt and management of applications

  • Digital Authentications: national, regional, SPID IDs
  • Possibility of accessing all open bankruptcy procedures
  • Guided registration of the candidate
  • Confirmation of candidacy
  • Unique QR Code assignment
  • Digital invitation to the competition
Concorsi smart - Icona Creazione Prove Esame

Creation of the test

  • Creation of practical written tests questionnaires
  • Creation of questions for oral tests
  • Automatic extraction of envelopes
  • Administration of questionnaires in a random manner
  • Definition of evaluation criteria
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  • Return of results in real-time
  • Automated stock evaluation
  • Association for the evaluation of qualifications and test scores
  • Publication of the ranking
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Conducting the test

  • Fast candidate check-in
  • Randomization of questionnaires and seats
  • Use of a pin to unlock the extracted test
  • Dematerialized and encrypted competition test on a tablet
  • Management of additional times/aids
Concorsi smart - Icona Correzione Prove Esame

Correction of the tests

  • Automated questionnaire correction of written tests
  • Automatic correction of practical tests
  • Possibility of simultaneous correction of the tests by the examining commission
  • Entry of scores to the system

Concorsi Smart is a multidisciplinary solution

dedicated to the transformation and digitization of the processes of the Public Administration and private companies. Safe, efficient, and cost-effective exams are carried out in total safety and transparency.

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Concorsi smart - Icona Concorsi realtime

Real-time exams

  • Possibility of holding competitions in several locations located throughout the national territory
  • Extraction of the test envelope and transmission to candidates in more than one location at the same time
  • Return of the entire ranking in real-time
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Segmented workflow

The modular structure of Smart Competitions allows us to propose the whole process or only part of it.

Application insertion

and application management

  • One-time registration
  • Registration for multiple exams
  • Specific requirements for each procedure
  • Dedicated sections
  • Blocking system (registration only required profiles)
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of the exam via Tablet

  • Personalized letter of participation
  • Fast check-in
  • Candidate – Tablet association
  • Random extraction of questions
  • Carrying out tests on tablets
  • Immediate test/candidate association directly on the registration platform
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and access to documents

  • Results of the tests in real-time
  • Association of results and evaluation of qualifications: ranking
  • Upload the tests on the candidate’s page (access to documents)
  • Results display
  • Attendance certificates
  • Online HelpDesk service
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What they say about us

Concorsi smart - Icona Testimonial - Candidato concorso

At the end of a competition test, I was asked to express an opinion on the entire organization for the first time. I was followed from the beginning to the end of the exam!

Exam candidate

Concorsi smart - Icona Testimonial - Componente commissione esaminatrice

I worked together with colleagues on the same exam test simultaneously. A system that offers the maximum guarantee and guarantees a plurality of evaluation.

Member of the examining commission

Concorsi smart - Icona Testimonial - Direttore Generale Ente pubblico

Ranking ready in an hour and a half after the test. An armored and fast competition in full compliance with the law.

General manager of the public Body