Dromedian ranked eighth in the IT sector by the Financial Times

Dromedian nella classifica del Financial Times

The Financial Times places the Dromedian Group (Recrytera’s group holding company) among Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies 2024. This is reported by the Financial Times, which ranks the Dromedian Group as one of the fastest-growing European companies in the top 1,000 European companies selected by growth rate in the various fields of entrepreneurship. The ranking is compiled by Statista in partnership with the European and global financial news giant.

In particular, the important result achieved by the group from Chieti – with a growth rate of 90.88% between 2019 and 2022 – has made it possible to achieve a place of honor not only in the European ranking, but also in the Italian sector.

Eighth place for Dromedian in Italy

In the ‘IT & Software’ sector, Dromedian ranks 8th among the companies in Italy and 61st in Europe chosen by the prestigious British magazine and confirms its position as one of the market leaders in offering IT and digital solutions.

This is a remarkable achievement that considers the developments, growth and innovative journey that the company is pursuing, moreover, in the right direction. As already anticipated by the newspaperLa Repubblica’, the Group is investing in skills, human resources and innovative markets.

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