Digitization in public competitions: another step by Recrytera toward innovation

Digitization in public competitions

On April 8, 2024, a significant moment in the history of Italian public competitions occurred at Fiera di Roma: for the first time, a digital, completely paperless competition procedure was conducted, without the need for paper documents; in fact, even the letter of invitation was removed.

The aspiring candidates for the position of Accounting Officer, at the Ministry of Justice – Department of Penitentiary Administration, arrived at 10 a.m. at Via Portuense No. 1645, with only their valid identification documents.

Concorsi Smart has proven once again that it is a leading company in managing public competitions and supporting the administrations of our country in the recruitment of personnel, offering a fast, safe and professional approach.

The new full paperless mode: invitation letter goes digital

The big difference in the new approach is that, if up to now, the procedure required candidates, during check-in and recognition, to show an invitation letter with QR code, received via PEC, in addition to their ID, now a new completely paperless mode has been introduced.

In this way, candidates no longer must print out the invitation letter for check-in, but will only need to show an ID, preferably electronic, and Recrytera’s software will take care of the rest, providing check-in staff members with the summons code.

This significant step forward eliminates the use of paper, simplifies the procedure and speeds up the entry of candidates into the classroom. Which means a significant increase in efficiency, as candidates only need to carry their ID with them.

Efficiency and speed of the recognition phase

Recognition operations began at 10:40 a.m., and the 1,240 candidates in attendance were guided to their seat inside the classroom in a 45-minute period. The competition ended at 2 p.m., with a great demonstration of efficiency and practicality thanks to the choice of using a totally digital procedure. Record times for check-in operations.

The Department of Prison Administration’s choice to rely on a completely paperless procedure confirms the beginning of a new era in the field of public competitions, where large numbers no longer scare when innovative digital systems are used to manage the procedure.

In fact, the competition announced by DAP is proof that digital technology optimizes the timing of the entire procedure, from the initial phase of accreditation of participants up to the execution of the test, contributing to increase reliability by the authorities and at the same time reduce stress levels in candidates, who are no longer forced to stand in exhausting queues and wait.

A new challenge for Recrytera

Recrytera continues to demonstrate its commitment to the growth of technological innovation, raising quality standards in the public competition sector and ensuring the satisfaction of both administrations and candidates.

Will the letter of invitation be retired in all the competitions?

No, not in every competition. They will be fully paperless, only when requested by administrations interested in experimenting with this new procedure management.

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